Customized Engraving

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to create your own unique rifle – whether it is a gift for a special someone or for yourself to hand down to future generations. These one-of-a-kind rifles with customized engraving are perfect for any occasion – birthday, retirement, corporate gifting or just because!

Customized engraving on firearms has been an enhancement used for centuries to suit the status of the owner.  From kings to tribal chieftain and presidents, these works of art were created and gifted as an honor to the receiver.  Today we are proud to be able to offer you the same opportunity at an affordable price for the special folks in your life!

There are a variety of ways to get started and we will work with you to create your unique rifle.  Once you’ve decided on the model, you should contact us here to let us know of your interest and to submit your artwork.

There are also two additional ways to start your customized engraving:

  1. You may start with the scroll engraving you will see in most of our photos to border the receiver and then custom-design the area inside the scroll engraving with your artwork and/or text.
  2. The second approach is a total customized engraving design. We will work with you starting with a bare receiver and incorporating your art ideas, your photos, your inscription, your logos, etc.

The options above may result in different charges based on the complexity of your customized engraving.  A design with a few lines of text and one simple art element might be less than intricate patterns or scenes. We've done designs with as many as seven pieces of art engraved on both sides and top of the receiver. In all cases, we will work with you to suggest savings wherever possible.

Inlaid Oval

The inlaying of an engraved brass or nickel oval into the butt stock of a firearm is a traditional and relatively inexpensive way to create a presentation firearm with customized engraving. Over the years, many Presidents and Heads of State have been presented with important presentation firearms where the only customized engraving was on a special engraved oval.

In most cases, engraved ovals contain text only, however, you may incorporate artwork as well. Please refer to our photos for a guideline on the number of words that will fit. Email us with your inscription and approximate layout and we will reply promptly. Inlaid ovals are available on all models.

“Great job.   Exactly what I wanted.   Thanks again for working with me on the changes...” M.M., Mobile, AL