The Gift Theme

You engraved rifle can start with our Classic Birthday, Christmas, or Graduation designs or contact us to discuss a Custom design.

Classic Birthday

These classic milestone birthday themes are available in both Golden Boy Silver and Big Boy models.

Our Classic 50th Birthday engraved rifle is one of our most popular editions, signifying the “Big 5-0” for someone special in your life.  The right side of the receiver is engraved with “Not Over the Hill…On Top Of The Mountain” and provides an area to personalize with “Name or Inscription”. The ribbon is engraved with two different years signifying the birth year and 50th birthday year.  The left side has a Target with 30, 40, 50 and ribbon with “One Of One."  You can make this rifle even more special by adding a “Personal Serial Number” at no charge.

Our Classic 60th Birthday is engraved with “Born In The U.S.A. … A Long Time Ago”.  “Your Name or Inscription” space will provide room to personalize a first and last name of the birthday person, or a creative inscription.  In the past we have had folks say phrases like “And Many More!” “Love You Forever” “Just Getting Started."  The left side of the rifle features a classic design with gold banner providing an area the birth year and 60th birthday year of the gift receiver.  The bulls eye includes “40”, “50”, and then “60” formed with bullet holes.  Add the extra special touch by adding a “Personal Serial Number” at no additional cost.

*Golden Boy Silver models contain 24 carat gold accents on nickel-plated receiver.  Big Boy brass models are engraved or engraved with black while Big Boy Silver models are engraved in black.

If you are interested in more customization options, please contact us and we’ll do our best to provide ideas and guide you through the process.


Our Classic Christmas Silver Boy Edition engraved rifle features scroll engraving and 24-carat gold engraving of Santa placing a firearm under the Christmas tree on one side of the receiver and a boy or girl unwrapping that special gift on the other side. In addition, you may designate the names of giver and gift recipient in a 24-carat gold banner. For many, many years, the gift of a firearm for Christmas has been the source of lifelong memories for both the giver and the receiver.


Our Classic Graduation Edition Golden Boy Silver engraved rifle features a classic design and engraving to simplify the ordering of your graduation gift. On one side you will be designate the name or initials of graduate, name or initials of school and/or graduation year at your option–and at no additional cost. The other side is engraved “As you go forward in life, whether you believe you can or you can’t…you will be right” or a custom message of your choosing.