First Ever Henry .30-30 with Blued Receiver and Octagon Barrel


Given the historic popularity of the .30-30 Henry lever action, Henry and High Caliber Gifts agreed to create two 2020 “Exhibition Edition” models in .30-.30 caliber. The rifles will be produced in editions of 100 rifles each, including two rifles per state.

The first .30-.30 Edition is special indeed. Responding to customer requests for a special 30-.30 “Exhibition Edition”, Henry has produced the FIRST EVER Henry .30-.30 with blued receiver and octagon barrel. Previously, the blued receiver was available only with round barrel.

The left side of the receiver features a large oval rendition of the Henry logo in 24-carat gold Henry name highlighted by scroll engraving. Surrounding the Henry name are two 24-carat gold banners proclaiming, “Load on Sunday–Shoot All Week Long”, which was the popular description of the classic lever action in the earliest days of the Henry. This is the first time this popular Henry quotation has appeared on any production Henry rifle.

Toward the rear of the left side of the receiver is a 24-carat gold simulated medallion stating, “State Name Collection”, emphasizing that this rifle is one of only two made for each state.

Further highlighting the only two rifles per state significance of these rifles are their serial numbers such as “01TEXAS3030 or 02TEXAS3030.

Sorry, but if the name of the state you wish to order does not appear in the drop-down list, it has already been sold. If your state does appear in the list but “Out of Stock” appears when you order, it has been sold.

FFL Information: As you probably know your rifle will need to be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms retailer. After you complete your order you will be asked to fax or email a copy of the FFL for the retailer that will receive your rifle for you. If you know the name, address, phone or email address of the FFL you will use, please indicate below.

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