New Original Henry .44-40 (H011)


Featuring Hand Engraving

The original Henry lever action rifle was introduced in 1860. Today, 160 years later, the first “Exhibition Edition” New Original Henry has been announced by Henry featuring hand-selected Exhibition Grade wood, one-per state serial numbers and historic Ulrich-style hand engraving.

“In reviewing the first example of this very special rifle, Henry President, Anthony Imperato, proclaimed “IT LOOKS GREAT.”

2020 New Original Henry “Exhibition Edition” .44-.40 with Engraved Brass Receiver
The right side of the receiver on this New Original Henry features full-coverage Ulrich-style engraving using Baron Engraving’s proprietary engraving process plus two hours of hand-engraving per rifle. Each rifle is hand signed by the engraver who spent two hours highlighting the Ulrich-style scroll.

Centered on the right side of the receiver is an ornate script “Henry “Exhibition Edition” 2020.” The entire receiver is bordered by a complementary engraved pattern. Toward the front of the receiver, highlighting the rifle’s one-per-state significance is a “Name of State One of One” inscription, bordered by a pattern matching the Henry inscription in the center of the receiver.

2020 New Original Henry “Exhibition Edition” .44-.40 with Engraved Brass Receiver
The left side of the receiver also features full-coverage scroll accented by hand engraving. The center of the receiver features the Henry logo and Henry “Cowboy” artwork with the historic Henry description “Load on Sunday– Shoot All Week Long.” Toward the front of the receiver is historic Ulrich-style engraving of a white-tailed deer in a forest setting. The design greatly enhances the historic significance of this New Original Henry .44-40.

Each rifle will have exclusive state-themed serial number such as 1860MAINE01, 1860TEXAS01, etc.

Sorry, but if the name of the state you wish to order does not appear in the drop-down list, it has already been sold.   If your state does appear in the list but “Out of Stock”  appears when you order, it has been sold.

FFL Information: As you probably know your rifle will need to be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms retailer. After you complete your order you will be asked to email a copy of the FFL for the retailer that will receive your rifle for you. If you know the name, address, phone or email address of the FFL you will use, please indicate below.

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