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custom engraving

Custom engraving from High Caliber Gifts – specializing in Henry Repeating Arms!  Create your one of a kind gift or heirloom piece today. Use our design or create one yourself!  Our existing work includes a series of custom designs featuring roll engraving, scroll patterns and 24-carat gold engraved inscriptions that can be combined to create your vision and tell your story.  Each custom engraving is given detailed attention and treated as a personal treasure to be delivered to your local dealer.  We work with you to insure images and any combination of message and/or personalized serial number will result in a custom firearm that will be noticed both in the field and in the home!

Personalized serial numbers at no additional charge! We are pleased to offer our customers this opportunity to create their own special serial number at no additional charge. You may order a personal serial number on a regular Henry with no engraving or as a bonus to a custom engraved Henry. No extra charge for the serial number, either way. Your personal serial number may contain from 3-12 characters and must contain at least one letter and one numeral. No dashes or special characters. This will be the actual serial number on your gun–not simply an add-on. (Delivery is approximately 6-8 weeks.)

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High Caliber Gifts specializes in custom engraving Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boys, Silver Boys and Big Boys. We can engrave any caliber of the Golden Boys and Silver Boys  Custom engraving may also be available, upon request, on other Henry Models such as the .45-70 and the Original Henry.

We have established several custom engraving theme templates and invested in the artwork required to execute those themes promptly and professionally. Themes included “Milestone Birthdays” such as 50th or 60th birthdays, graduations, Christmas and retirement. Our clients can select one of our themes, provide personal wording for inscriptions and have an engraved firearm ready for presentation in 3-4 weeks. Browse some our most popular themes.

We take pride—and a great amount of pleasure-- in custom engraving firearms for special occasions. Customization can be as simple as designing a few changes on one of our themed rifles to creating a one-of-a-kind featuring hand engraving of a company logo, school shield, military insignia, special car, favorite photo, family pet — you name it. Design ideas are unlimited.


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