Henry One of One Thousand Tribute Rifle

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3 reviews for Henry One of One Thousand Tribute Rifle

  1. Chuck Edson

    Why am I sending you a review. I am responding to an email saying my order to purchase is ready and to check the red button to establish payment.

  2. Danny Biggs

    I am locking forward to receiving the Henry rifle that I ordered.

  3. Michael Ollerich

    I have bought 27 Henry rifles and all have the highest quality of all my 35 guns. I give a new gun for each of my grandchildren and their family cousins. The eight I have left are more precious than my diamond ring. I would give the rings away before I gave one Henry away.
    The machined action is smooth and better than all guns I have evaluated.

    Michael Ollerich 605 366 6577. I am 73 year old paralyzed veteran in a wheel chair. I was almost killed in the Army when a old Nazi hit me in Germany 20 years after the war ended but some could not stop killing Americans. I have had a total of 29 surgeries so far with 3 more surgeries due next year. I have total respect for the artist making HENRY RIFLES BAR NONE.

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