Design Choices

The Gift Theme- You can select from our Classic Birthday, Christmas, Graduation or Retirement standard designs. You can use these designs for birthday, Christmas, etc or request changes for other special occasions.  Or you can always contact us to discuss a Custom design, using your artwork or artwork we will help you locate (see "Artwork Sources" below).

The Engraving Pattern—Once you have chosen your theme, you will get to choose one of our Classic pre-designed engraving patterns or design your own. You can select a Classic engraved receiver design—like our Big 60 Birthday Edition– or select the simpler engraved brass oval. Our Classic designs offer standard messages with space to add your name or inscription on the receiver. Modifying the Big 60 design or Big 50 design for a 1st, 18th, 21st or other Birthday requires a change fee of $95. The engraving on our inlaid oval plates is included in the listed price of your gun (see "Our Products" section for pricing).

Artwork Sources--This information is offered to help our clients locate artwork for custom-designed rifles that will yield the highest quality, lowest cost finished product.


Design Choices


If You Already Have Art

          If you already have a photo, illustration or logo you would like to use, please forward it to us in any convenient format.  We will review it and let you know if we can use it and, perhaps, request that you try to get the image in a different format that will yield a better result and save you artwork expenses. If you have any questions, send us an email or call 803 641 1030.

Locating Existing Art

          There are many online sources of stock artwork online:

1-Google Search-simply typing in the name/description of artwork you are looking for beginning with Stock Photo, such as Stock Photo Labrador Retriever, Stock Photo Jumping Horse, Stock Photo Whitetail Deer, etc. and see what you find. If you find a photo or illustration you like, just send us an email with the name of the website and the number/description of the photo or illustration and we will take it from there.

2- Go direct to one of the online sources of artwork. Some sources are:



If you find a photo or illustration you like, just send us an email with the name of the website and the number/description of the photo or illustration and we will take it from there.

Converting Your Artwork to Engraving

Certain types of artwork can be digitally converted to a format that will yield excellent engraving results; other types need to be converted by hand. This is done by skilled artists employed by our engraver.

Art formats that can be converted digitally include Vector and high resolution tiff files. If you are able to provide your art in one of these formats, there will be no artwork cost.

Art formats that require conversion by hand include jpeg and scanned photos. Costs for converting artwork by hand obviously vary with the artwork but typically range in the $150.00-$225.00 range. It is important to note that the artists totally redraw the artwork so if your art needs are extensive, it may be less expensive—and far more desirable--to have your artwork hand-engraved directly on the rifle. We will advise you if we believe this might be the best way to go.

Please call 803 641 1030 with any questions.

Thanks. We hope to hear from you.

Henry Model & Caliber —When you’ve decided on your theme and engraving pattern, you can choose from our special Nickel-plated Henry Silver Boy in either .22LR, .22 Mag. 17HMR or the larger-caliber Henry Big Boy in .44 Mag., .45 Colt, or .357/38 Special with solid Brass receiver or new Silver receiver Big Boy. The rimfire Silver Boys are priced at $765-840 depending on caliber. The Big Boys are $985.00 for Brass and $1045 for Silver. The Classic Oval Golden Boy starts at $730.00. The Classic Oval Big Boy starts at $1025 for Brass and  at $1095 for Silver. 

Now Comes Your Personalized Serial Number. The personalized serial number is optional and there is no additional cost. Most clients view personalized serial number as the icing on the cake of our High Caliber Gifts. Your personalized serial number can be any combination of up to 12 letters and numerals. The only downside to the personalized serial number is that it takes about 6 weeks as opposed to approx. 3 weeks for a standard serial number.

Please call or email us any time. We always enjoy helping our clients design their heirloom High Caliber Gift.